A touchpad and computer’s application will be available by 2015.

This app. will provide name selection features on historical gures which will be linked to their biographies, related Wikipedia pages or other links. Finding a person will become easy by simply typing a name in the search box. Some practical or edutaintment features will be provided.


A specific version dedicated to the history of Marseilles is currently underway. This project will include maps of the area up to 1000 BC (since Marseilles and Provence joined France only in 1481) as well as plans of the multiple evolutions of the urban influence of the city.


Special thanks to :
My brother Didier (Avignon), who first tested the ThéhisthumTM leaflet. Verena Hillairet (Neuchâtel, Switzerland), who placed the first order for a genealogical table. Frédéric Bully (Marseilles - and Emma Boutier (Hyogo / Japan), for their undeniably skillful and savvy translations from French to English. Patricia Guillaume (Marseilles – for developing this website. Philippe Danand, for his patience in printing the panels (“Print of Marseille” –, Dominique Delis (Paris) for his useful marketing tips, Bouba (Marseilles), for his talent in woodwork, Philippe Gimet and Laurent Lejard (Paris- for their warm welcome in Paris, Morgane Bonnet-Vernier (Marseilles), for her moral support...